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Sometimes, it’s the little things that make a difference. Facebook as we know them is continuously changing resp. “optimizing” user experience. Their latest update might even be beneficial for small businesses.

Managing quite a number of business accounts means working with social media on a daily basis. Yesterday, I noticed that the home feed had changed once again: When I was looking for the latest stats I tried to click on the link which used to be hidden under the number of likes on the front page (don’t we all love our secret shortcuts?) – when I found the number of likes was gone.

Oh numbers, where are thou?

It took me a couple of clicks to find the likes again. In fact Facebook put it in a separate tab below the homefeed (Chrome) and simply in the “more” tab (Chrome and Edge). The effect: you cannot see the number of likes at first glance.

No more visible likes – no more spending pressure?

This subtle move punishes everyone who is buying fans for the sake of a number they can report to their CEOs, and at the same time it makes the commercial aspect of a business page secondary. You can see it either way. In my humble opinion, this change takes the budget pressure from many small businesses who believe people only judge their Facebook appearance by the number of likes.

What matters most now?

Believe it or not, what really matters in the end is what has mattered all along: content. With the pressure off your likes performance and advertising spendings, you now need to prove more than ever that you have a story to tell in order to engage an audience. Funny enough, Facebook traces all their changes back to the delivery of quality content to their users. And I think they just made a move in the right direction. After all, #contentisking.

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