Listen up, social media managers in Switzerland: Facebook’s live video rollout has now come to pages near you.

Living and woring in Switzerland is great. You have lots of opportunities, a solid infrastructure, not to mention reasonable taxes and the finest chocolate. Unfortunately, it all comes with a price: Social media companies like Facebook are based in the US, which is why innovations sometimes hit the Swiss (or D/A/CH) market a little later than our friends in the West.

Facebook is rather discrete when it comes to information about availability of features/apps, and it came thus as a little surprise this morning that live video has finally been integrated into the mobile Facebook app. For those who have never heard of it: live video allows you to livestream a video on Facebook. Until now, this was only possible for people using the Facebook Mentions app. The Facebook Mentions app is however restricted to verified pages, and unless you’re a big company with lots of fans or a public figure, you son’t have access to it.

Here are some advantages of live streaming:

  •  Video is in general a highly engaging medium. Using it live increases the “hotness” of your content. I would even go so far as to claim live video might compete with Snapchat in the near future. Yes, Snapchat.
  • You can use it as a private person but also as a page. That means a lot of opportunities in live communication – company events, speeches, or anything relevant can now be broadcasted live on Facebook.
  • Whenever you share a live video, your friends/fans will get a notification that you are live streaming. A very subtle and convenient side-effect.
  • Viewers can coment your live video while it is being streamed. That way you have the opportunity to include their feedback (let’s say the camera angle is bad and fans cannot see the speaker – if they comment on it you can simply change your camera position to make them happy)
  • You can do it with as much as a mobile phone. In our tests earlier today it worked with iPhone6 (unfortunately not (yet) with iPhone5).

If you want to give it a try, here’s a short how-to-guide:

  1. Go to your Facebook page and click “post”.
  2. Click on the “live video” symbol on the bottom. If you cannot see it, it is probably not yet available for your device. You can however check your app or play store for a Facebook update and try again. If it is still not working, be patient… it will appear eventually (once Facebook decides you can have it too).
  3. Describe your video or add a title, then make sure it is visible in public.
  4. Click the “start live video” button. Congratulations! You’re live streaming now.
  5. To finish it, press the stop button – the video will then be saved in your timeline just like any other video post.

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Before you start your new career as director/producer/videographer, please do us and your audience a big favor:

  • Think your video through BEFORE you push the button. This is like being on live tv: If you don’t know what exactly you want to present, try a regular video that you can edit before you present it to the public.
  • Check your internet connection – livestreams don’t work without reception.
  • Ask yourself: “Is the content relevant for my audience?” Nothing worse than spam…

We look forward to streaming your future live videos!
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