Not too long ago, digital marketers around the world were eagerly waiting for Instagram to allow advertising. As part of the Facebook family, it is now possible to create an Instagram ad with your existing Facebook advertising account. For those who are interested: Here is a how-to guide. More and more brands are exploring this new field of advertising, and we also did so recently for a client.

Speaking from experience, we would like to share a few thoughts on this new advertising format:

  • Targeting: really easy and to the point – just as you would expect from Facebook.
  • Results: no really meaningful interactions. If you pay for interaction with your post and all you get is slightly more likes than usual, there is only onw winner, and it is definitely not the one paying money.
  • User perception: What we really like about Instagram is its behind-the-scenes character (ok, Snapchat is one step ahead). And here’s the problem: we strongly believe that content is king, which is why useres choose the accounts they follow carefully. In fact it is almost overwhelming and impossible to keep up with your feed once you follow more than 100 accounts. With more and more brands jumping on the ad wagon (many of them not knowing how to properly target an audience), your feed becomes corrupted with information you do not want and that is not relevant to you and thus Instagram is no longer the platfom you choose.

So here’s our 2 cents to this:

  • If you want to advertise on social media, do it rather on Facebook than Instagram for now.
  • Observe your feed and try to get a feeling for the unwanted information you receive daily – and ask yourself if you want your brand to be part of it.
  • Unless you want to be a pioneer with a big chance to fail, wait for others to share their insights and experience.
  • Last but not least: create meaningful, relevant messages/posts and don’t think paying for an ad will do. After all, #contentisking.