Today we are celebrating the launch of our new website. We’ve been working hard over the last days and weeks to have it set up before our company’s first anniversary (which is July 1st btw). In case you wonder why (or if you simply like reading from us), here are the most important changes:

  • Our new theme is responsive. Why should that matter? Because we want our mobile visitors to have as much joy browsing as our desktop visitors.
  • Our website is finally available in English and German. Yes, we are based in Switzerland where most people are fluent in English (and French, German and Italian etc.), but we want to cater to our German-speaking clients as well.
  • Our new footer rocks: While our pages are rather static (except for this blog of course), it provides a language selector, our latest blog posts, tweets, our social media channels as well as a newsletter signup (yep, this is also major news and we’ll tell you  more about it soon) at a glance.
  • Last but not least: We love the style.

We hope you join us in celebrating and help us spread the word. Any comments/shares/likes are more than welcome.

To get a glimpse at the most important sections, watch our teaser: