Most company pages have a rather static, mono-directional appearance: more or less regular posts, little or no engagement, you get the picture… If your product still sells – congratulations. If not, you should think of a way to engage more with your existing and potential audience.
A while ago, Facebook introduced a new opportunity to interact with your page visitors: the CTA (call to action) button. It allows you to add a link to whatever target serves you best. This is how it looks on our profile (in German):1504161

The best part – it only takes a few clicks so even digital rookies can easily add it:

  • go to your starting page
  • click on the “add cta” option
  • choose the cta that works best for your company
  • add the link the cta button is supposed to refer to
  • save.

The options are simple and to the point (s. screenshot below). Here’s a summary including the industries/businesses the individual options might suit best:

  • book now (hotels, restaurants, spas)
  • contact (consulting)
  • use app (any app developers)
  • play (gaming)
  • shop (online shops)
  • register (newsletters, online shops, clubs)
  • play video (this should be self-explanatory).


Once you chose the right cta, you should start tracking your results. Facebook luckily provided analytics for this option so you can exactly see how many clicks you got via the cta button – on the rights side of your company profile (admin view only).
This means: measurable ROI (new sign-ups, website traffic, bookings, sales) together with free and easy-to-use technology. Thank you, Facebook, for making social media so much easier to use for digital marketing peeps.